Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner

The future is 360

As an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, we are fortunate enough to have a sneak peek into their future plans and ideas for 2022. Our team receive regular news updates and are equipped with all the tools and training needed to plan for the next phase of software releases. During the latest UK training seminar, highlighting what we can expect this year from Oracle NetSuite, we were told that future holds some very exciting enhancements, and it all looks 360!

Overall, the range of new improvements are designed to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiencies in business process automation.  The 2021.2 release is packed full of great features including:

  • Automated Cash Collection
  • Payment Links for online payment
  • Purchase to Project SuiteApp
  • Autonomous Supply Chain
  • Frictionless Inventory Management
  • SuiteAnalytics improvements (inc. export to .csv and SuiteScript support)
  • Many localisation updates including One Stop Shop


Cash 360

Some of the new developments we were most excited about as feature driven ERP Consultants, were the enhancements promised in Oracle NetSuite’s built in-cash flow reporting and analysis.  We believe the following improvements will add significant value to your investment in Oracle NetSuite providing clearer and more accurate ways of viewing and analysing financial data.

Updates to Cash 360 include:

  • New Reporting
  • Updated Dashboards
  • AR & AP due date calculations
  • Configurable ‘other cash categories’ e.g.
      • Payroll
      • Loans
      • Interest

Item 360 & Project 360

Having taken on board customer feedback, the software development team at Oracle NetSuite have included many enhancements across both Item 360 and Project 360

These look to provide even more reporting and analysis improvements including: 

  • New dashboards
  • KPIs
  • Alerts
  • Reports

We are very encouraged by the new developments and ideas Oracle NetSuite have shared with us.  We are confident that all of the new features will ensure that as you strive for improved automation, increased efficiency, greater data accuracy and visibility you will be supported by the best-in-class ERP solution from 3RP, an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner.

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