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Improve your Inventory Management with NetSuite

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Real-time visibility, multi-location management and automation capabilities with NetSuite Inventory Management.

  • Businesses with inventory to manage are faced with many challenges. They are also presented with many opportunities when it comes to their inventory management processes. For many, inventory is managed in a stand-alone or semi-integrated system that doesn't truly unify the data with other important sources for business decision-making, such as financials and order information.

    NetSuite's Inventory Management allows businesses to manage inventory levels in real time across multiple warehouses, third party logistics and/or store locations. Automated replenishment capabilities ensure the correct levels of inventory are maintained to avoid unnecessary costs or missed sales from stock-outs. The decisions made on how to manage inventory can impact the businesses' customer experience, profits and ability to grow and scale.

  • The right plan with the latest technology can go a long way towards improving inventory decisions in a way that boosts cash flow. Finance chiefs need systems that provide a real-time picture of inventory and financials to create comprehensive, detailed forecasts and corresponding plans.

  • Customers who use inventory and warehouse management systems can keep less inventory on hand and reduce carrying costs – our customers see a reduction of 10% of inventory while maintaining superior customer satisfaction.

  • NetSuite provides the platform that puts inventory, financial data and customer information in one platform. This allows companies to make agile decisions based on reliable, real-time data that will help them to grow and scale.

    • Suspend less profitable and frequent stock-out products
    • Sell on a marketplace
    • Add high margin service components
    • Reduce overheads
    • Make strategic use of promotions
    • Track DSO
    • Automate your AP process
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