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3RP is the culmination of decades working in the enterprise software sector. Our team first came into contact with Oracle NetSuite in 2013 - and even then it was obvious that this is a best-in-class product.

Since 2013, our team of consultants have worked exclusively with Oracle NetSuite, completing more than 100+ implementation and optimisation projects for clients across a broad range of industries. Our customers benefit from world class Oracle NetSuite expertise.

3RP brings together the best business process analysts and NetSuite experts to build a formidable team capable of overcoming your biggest systems challenges to facilitate business transformation.

Business process analysts and netsuite experts

Our management team

Julian Griffiths, Co-founder & Director at 3RP
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Julian Griffiths

Co-founder & Director

Julian's journey to 3RP has been eventful. From Wales to Reigate, a brief stint training as a chartered accountant and the successful sale of a consulting company built from scratch, he brings a wealth of industry and leadership experience - culminating in more than 28 years' experience in business management consultancy.

Since 2013, Julian has been helping clients redesign and optimise their business processes for greater success using Oracle NetSuite.

When he's not redesigning business processes, Julian is busy mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs through the network he founded. He's passionate about helping SMEs get off the ground, avoiding many of the pitfalls that can sink emerging talent.

Outside of work, Julian is a proud father of two adult children and active member of Reigate Rugby Club - a passion that goes back more than 30 years.

Elliott Keene, Co-founder & Lead Consultant at 3RP
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Elliott Keene

Co-founder & Lead Consultant

Elliott has always enjoyed the mental challenge of designing processes and solutions that can be combined to solve large-scale problems, so when he began working with Oracle NetSuite back in 2015, Elliott knew that he had found his career path.

His skills are now used to build and improve business processes, with the help of Oracle NetSuite. He enjoys the challenge of taking disparate processes across all business functions, and uniting them within NetSuite to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and help customers meet the challenges of the future.

Elliott's NetSuite talents have been honed whilst working for a couple of NetSuite partners, before embarking into the world of independent consulting, where he worked with a broad range of companies including the world’s largest private global logistics firm, a well-known food delivery start-up in their build-up for IPO, and multiple other well-known high-street brands.

Outside of NetSuite, Elliott enjoys spending time in the gym and running to keep fit, fuelling a family rivalry of improving and beating each other's 5k times. Elliott is an avid Arsenal fan but when results don't go their way, as is often the case, Elliott lifts his mood by following many other sports and spending time with his young family.

Adam Johnson, Co-founder & Lead Consultant at 3RP
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Adam Johnson

Co-founder & Lead Consultant

Adam's interest in SaaS began when he was nominated as the functional lead for a new systems implementation project. It was then that he decided to follow a career implementing SaaS products.

It was during this time that he met Julian, who offered him the opportunity to work with Oracle NetSuite. Adam instantly knew this role, and NetSuite, was the right fit. Since then, Adam has gained significant experience working on global projects, from complex implementations to optimisation and rescue projects. Whilst Adam has worked across a range of industries, he has a particular passion and strength for projects within the Fintech and Financial Services sector. 

Adam has supported businesses at their start-up phase and those preparing for an IPO all the way through to long-established, well-known companies.  He's now obsessed with designing a solution to help customers get ahead - and making their working lives easier.

Outside of work, Adam is focused on spending quality time with his family and friends and can often be found walking through the countryside with his dogs. He has a keen interest in many sports but has a passion for football and his club Aston Villa.

Jon Dent, Co-founder & Lead Consultant at 3RP
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Jon Dent

Co-founder & Lead Consultant

Jon is proud of his untraditional entry to NetSuite consultancy. While struggling as an IT recruiter he stumbled across Julian's LinkedIn ad for a NetSuite consultant. Instead of pitching candidates, he pitched himself - and won the job. Overnight he went from self-confessed world's worst salesman to NetSuite geek. He swears that NetSuite changed his life.

Now he enjoys the entire project lifecycle, understanding requirements, refining processes, configuring NetSuite and training users to get the most from the system. He relishes problem solving and finds satisfaction in delivering a solution that works. He also spends an obscene amount of time discussing obscure aspects of NetSuite with Adam. In his spare time.

Jon has been fortunate to work with a variety of customers across a range of industries, from Fintech start-ups to established, global businesses. He has specifically gained strong experience in the Go-Live process, having been responsible for 40 plus subsidiary launches to date.

When not occupying himself in the NetSuite world, Jon can be found trying to play golf, lamenting his latest injury on the football pitch, or being a proud father to his young daughter.

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