Empowering Sustainable Energy Companies with Oracle NetSuite

The Key to a Greener Future

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The energy industry is undergoing rapid change on multiple fronts. In an era where environmental concerns and sustainability have taken centre stage, both sustainable and traditional energy companies are at the forefront of the global transition to a greener future. Changing consumer expectations, regulatory requirements and capital expenditure needs are compelling energy companies to modernise existing infrastructure, invest in alternative or renewable energy sources and seek new revenue streams to grow their business.


NetSuite's unified business management suite can help you scale your operations efficiently, allowing your focus to remain on your goals and not worrying about an ERP.

  • With NetSuite, you gain the ability to manage your financials, supply chain, procurement, project management, and more – all within a single, integrated platform. This centralised approach simplifies decision-making, improves data integrity, and fosters collaboration among teams. Gone are the days of having separate standalone applications. Through years of research and development NetSuite provides an unrivalled best in class product.

  • Most systems are designed for an era when companies could wait until the end of the month to get the data they need. That's not the case today, growing companies need access to their data swiftly and in a format which delivers value. 

    NetSuite provides a host of reporting tools, which importantly provide real time access to your data. In a click of a single button NetSuite can consolidate across your whole group structure or run detailed transactional reports allowing businesses to be proactive rather than reactive. 

    Natively NetSuite comes with 100+ preconfigured reports across all areas of the system, ready to use as soon as you login to the system. In addition, NetSuite intuitive report builder empowers users to easily customise reports to match their specific needs.

  • A multi country, multi-language, multi-currency platform that truly supports a global business. Immediately access country and tax jurisdiction specific reports, easily manage your foreign currency positions with daily, integrated exchange rates, the automatic capture of realised gains/losses and simple currency revaluation management.

    No matter where your business will take you, NetSuite will look to have your back.

  • NetSuite's agility ensures all business specific requirements can be easily adopted and merged into the system, with flexible customisation tools designed to handle the most complex of cases; from custom fields to custom scripting and beyond. 

    Whilst NetSuite offers a cutting edge ERP solution natively, the extensive network of partners and SuiteApps allow users to build and tailor their NetSuite environment with applications targeting specific or niche operational needs that are built in and for NetSuite.

  • Every time a company adds a new layer of business software, the underlying systems infrastructure becomes more complicated and inflexible. Earlier investments in hardware and software are costly to maintain and fail to keep pace with technological innovation.

    NetSuite is designed to stay up-to-date with the best technology, giving companies the tools needed to stay ahead of the competition and to seize new opportunities. 

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