NetSuite for Retail

Unify your inventory and retail data in real-time with NetSuite

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So, what makes NetSuite the first choice for retailers?

Growing retailers are looking to deliver a seamless, consistent, and personalised experience for shoppers. For many who are using separate systems for orders, inventory, and financials, there are challenges with maintaining a unified view of all data in real-time, as well as managing inventory across multiple locations.

  • With hundreds of customers throughout the retail industry, NetSuite has deep experience in working with companies like yours. NetSuite has taken this industry expertise and bundled it into the Retail edition to solve the unique business challenges of the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution of product.

  • For many products-based companies, returned goods are an afterthought. Too often, recovering as much money as possible from these orders is not the priority; speed and convenience are. Being able to manage the customer order, the customer details and the order fulfilment in the same system whilst being able to collaborate with operations or finance teams allows customer service reps to quickly and efficiently solve customer queries.

    Many businesses strive to provide a seamless shopping experience, optimize returns management to capture more revenue and maximize their sales opportunities. Accomplishing these goals requires unifying order and inventory information.

  • Businesses with inventory to manage are faced with many challenges, but also presented with many opportunities when it comes to their inventory management processes. For many, inventory is managed in a stand-alone or semi-integrated system that doesn’t truly unify the data with other important sources for business decision-making, such as financials and order information. NetSuite's Inventory Management allows businesses to manage inventory levels in real time across multiple warehouses, 3PLs, and/or store locations. Automated replenishment capabilities ensure the correct levels of inventory are maintained to avoid unnecessary costs or missed sales from stock-outs. The decisions made on how to manage inventory can impact the businesses' customer experience, profits and ability to grow and scale. 

  • With the right inventory management solution in place, brands can flex and adapt quickly regardless of market conditions, challenges or changing business models.

    For any brand that's operating in today's fast-paced, ecommerce-oriented selling environment, inventory management is one area where "scale" truly counts.

  • A seamless, consistent, personalized experience is about having the right foundational back-end systems in place to provide a single version of customer, order and inventory data. Only then will you have the right data to feed your ecommerce system and enable the perfect customer experience from the start.

    Forward-thinking retailers looking to expand and streamline their business are setting the right technology foundation for their future success. With this foundation in place, you're ready to scale your business to the next level. 

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