NetSuite for Private Equity Firms

Manage your portfolio with ease using Oracle NetSuite

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So, what makes NetSuite the first choice for Private Equity firms?

NetSuite offers a platform which creates value, supporting businesses in their drive to streamline processes and bring about digital transformation. Real-time visibility across all financials, instant consolidation, and currency management alongside a host of automation opportunities throughout all business processes allows businesses to increase productivity and prosper.

  • NetSuite realises that Private Equity backed companies need the financial reporting capability to stay agile in the face of restructuring and massive change. With SuiteSuccess, companies can be up and running on a single cloud-based financial solution in as little as 100 days. Expedite daily financial transactions, accelerate the financial close and gain real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business from a consolidated level down to the individual transaction.

  • With NetSuite, Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies are empowered with real-time visibility to make the strategic decisions necessary to maintain business continuity and manage restructuring. Private equity-backed companies can create prebuilt reports with defined metrics, allowing for standardisation across the entire business. Portfolio companies can quickly access and deliver these reports to the firm in various presentation styles or formatted to highlight critical data, making it easier for the company to present to board members and other stakeholders. Firms and C-Suite executives also have the option to customise and view their own pre-built reports, ensuring 360-degree visibility.

  • Migrating multiple companies into a single entity can become an intricate endeavour. With solutions like NetSuite OneWorld, however, portfolio companies can streamline the onboarding of new acquisitions. Multi-subsidiary capabilities allow standard business processes to be deployed across as many divisions as required, and as portfolio companies scale globally.

  • A multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency platform that truly supports a global business. Immediately access country and tax jurisdiction specific reports, easily manage your foreign currency positions with daily integrated exchange rates, the automatic capture of realised gains/losses and simple currency revaluation management.

  • NetSuite's agile solution empowers portfolio companies to modernise and transform their business. Whilst SuiteSuccess offers standardised best practices, customisation is possible and the system can be configured to address the unique needs of any business. ┬áNetSuite's solution provides the tools necessary for your portfolio companies to behave like sustainable and thriving businesses.

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