So why choose Oracle NetSuite?

8 simple reasons

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  • NetSuite is a cloud-native platform used to manage your operations. It provides all the tools you need for your primary business processes, including finance and accounting, CRM, Sales Order Management, Procurement, Inventory and Warehouse Management.

    NetSuite is a customisable platform allows you to automate and adapt the system to your specific business needs. 3RP will help you seamlessly integrate Oracle NetSuite with other business applications like Salesforce, warehousing systems, EPoS, e-commerce platforms - even your proprietary back-office systems.

    In fact, Oracle NetSuite can deliver a true 360º view of your business. You have access to real time data allowing you to make effective strategic decisions faster and accurately. That's why organisations from a broad range of industries rely on NetSuite, including FinTech, Financial Services, Retail / E-Commerce, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

    NetSuite is a web based platform fully hosted and maintained by Oracle - you simply pay a subscription fee to use it. The software as a service (SaaS) model brings all the usual cloud benefits too - reduced running costs, lower administrative overheads, improved operational resilience and enhanced flexibility and scalability.

  • Oracle NetSuite has been designed to smash information silos. You can use it to replace several traditional standalone applications with a single user interface.

    As well as centralising data, you consolidate applications, lowering operating costs, slashing licence fees and reducing the learning curve for your employees.

  • Alternatively, an extensive collection of native integrations can be used to unify your existing applications. 3RP's NetSuite Consultancy will integrate NetSuite with your existing systems to easily share data across the business and to maximise returns on your existing investments.

    By transforming your processes, NetSuite offers the ability to automate many of your data-driven operations. You benefit from increased efficiency, accelerated operations and a higher degree of data accuracy as human error is removed from the system.

  • Unlike many ERP platforms that have been reverse engineered for the cloud, NetSuite has been built from the ground-up for cloud operations. NetSuite is true SaaS in its purest form.

    The cloud-ready architecture ensures your NetSuite platform is free from the problems that plague other systems, like version lock, delayed upgrades and scalability limitations. Instead, NetSuite scales automatically in-line with demand - and Oracle retains responsibility for maintaining the platform to support your growth.

  • As well as simplifying data sharing between departments, Oracle NetSuite provides features to help you make sense of it too. Extensive export and reporting tools allow you to slice-and-dice your information in any way you choose. 3RP can optimise and tailor the platform to deliver exactly what your business needs.

    With NetSuite you always have the data you need to drive process change and production improvements using actionable insights.

  • Oracle NetSuite is currently the ERP platform of choice for more than 27,000 organisations across the world. The platform is used in a variety of industries including financial services, IT services, retail, transportation / logistics, non-profits, education and more.

    NetSuite is not just another industry-templated ERP platform either. 3RP's NetSuite Consultancy will help you re-engineer your business processes for greater efficiency and profitability. Then we will configure NetSuite to support operations so you don’t have to change processes to match the way your software works.

  • Provided as a subscription service, Oracle NetSuite offers flexible billing so you only ever pay for the functions you use. Fully modular, you add features to extend your ERP as your business grows.

    Billing is entirely flexible, with uplifts for each additional function your business uses. This gives you greater control over spend and avoids the other costs associated with a traditional on-premise platform; hardware, running costs, software upgrade projects, downtime etc.

  • As an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner, 3RP are a dedicated NetSuite consultancy with many years’ worth of experience in business process analysis and design. We use this experience to deploy, configure, optimise and extend the ERP platform for our clients, helping them to achieve their strategic business goals.

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