On a journey from waste to Net Zero with CycleØ

The Client

Founded in 2022 by FNXlng and Ara Partners, CycleØ addresses the global climate and energy crises, focusing on capturing methane emissions, the most harmful greenhouse gas, mainly from the agriculture and livestock industries. They apply innovative solutions to turn these emissions into renewable natural gas.

CycleØ owns, develops, and operates end-to-end projects focused on biomethane for vehicles and grid injection, delivering the full cycle - from waste to Net Zero.


The Background

In essence CycleØ is a start-up, but not your traditional start-up, as they have an array of assets and vast industry investment.

With operations in Spain, UK and Italy and plans to quickly expand across Europe and Latin America, CycleØ wanted a consolidated ERP solution to manage data across a variety of territories.  One that would follow finance best-practice, guarantee compliance and offer a scalable solution across multiple jurisdictions whilst adapting to rapid expansion plans.

Finding the right system for this brief wasn’t difficult, NetSuite’s One World Financial First License was the obvious solution, our biggest challenge was the scale and speed of the go-live. 

We addressed this by working with the team at CycleØ to identify their core business requirements and define a suitable scope that addressed both their systematic needs and the intended go live date. In addition, we followed NetSuite's SuiteSuccess project methodology which aided the rapid deployment of NetSuite whilst adhering to best-in-class processes.


Collaboration was critical

Working collaboratively with Raul Rodriguez Garcia, Head of Finance at CycleØ was a highlight of this project.

It’s easy to underestimate the work required for such a new company, defining systematic policies and processes which may not have existed previously.  However, Raul worked seamlessly with our team, responding quickly to queries, defining best-practice policy and emerging himself in the implementation.

“We are facing a really speedy/dynamic environment (given our sector) and we need to grow fast to make the greatest impact possible within the energy transition and reducing emissions.

We approached 3RP with a really challenging deadline (probably an extreme deadline to be fair).

3RP was able to put a project plan together and drive the implementation to an impressive success within deadline and budget…the team is very responsive and constantly goes the extra mile. 3RP now supports our next phase of wider implementation.” - Raul Rodriguez Garcia, Head of Finance, CycleØ

This partnership, used alongside the SuiteSuccess methodology, enabled us to fast-track the implementation for this first phase to get a compliant working system in place within three weeks.

“It has been a pleasure working with Cycle0 and we are delighted to be their partner. Our sole aim is to help them achieve their strategic goals through leveraging NetSuites functionality alongside our experience and feel privileged to be part of their journey.” - Adam Johnson, Co-founder & Lead Consultant, 3RP


What happens next...

This is just the beginning of a long-term partnership.

On phase one, we provided CycleØ with a system that instantly consolidates core financial reporting, general ledger activity and both accounts payable and receivable functions. Giving the team, the board and their investors instant insight at the click of a button.

Phases two and three have already been signed off with work on phase 2 currently underway.

Building on the foundations of the initial phase, the scope for phase 2 and 3 will look to support CycleØ as it moves into new territories, taking advantage of core NetSuite functionality and in the longer-term providing solutions around inventory and manufacturing.

All phases are scalable, supporting expansion and growth, with an eye on long-term problem-solving, automating manual processes to minimize overheads and allow the business to focus on service delivery.


This was an exciting project to work on and one of personal and professional interest to the team. A tightly scoped, fast-paced project, the success of phase one was testament to the collaborative working partnership we established with the client.


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