Scalability: How NetSuite facilitates your businesses growth plans through technology

Scalability is a key consideration when designing a solution in response to a client’s requirements. Without scalability being at the forefront of the solution, there is a risk that the proposed process may solve the problem short-term, but may not be suitable for the business as it continues to grow.

We firmly believe it’s essential to design a solution which scales with our clients; one that will support critical operations, regardless of increasing demands, therefore minimising the impact of business growth on efficiency.

With a scalable and flexible system in place, a business can respond seamlessly to an increase in demand without the risk of delays, slow reporting, or negative future impact on customers.

NetSuite ERP addresses this with four service tiers: Standard, Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate. Each tier represents a collection of attributes which govern the scale at which an account can operate.

These attributes include maximum number of users, file storage size, monthly transactional volume and the number of parallel operations (concurrency limits, processors, queues/threads) that can occur at once.  This framework increases incrementally with each service tier package. 

These service tiers also define the technical cloud software capabilities that can be used to help scale processes, e.g SuiteCloud Plus licenses. By adding SuiteCloud Plus licenses, you can operate more web service integrations, batch processes, and file imports concurrently.

One additional service benefit of using NetSuite is the ease of monitoring through NetSuite’s ‘SuiteCloud Application Performance Management’ tool. This can be used to identify performance issues and bottlenecks before they become a problem whilst highlighting any customisations which may require attention in an attempt to improve performance.

That said, business growth is not just about volume. It’s also about the processes a company uses to develop the capabilities it needs to support future requirements. 

NetSuite’s Sandbox environment is a dated replica of your production account, providing a secure place to define new process whilst developing and testing customisations to ensure optimal performance prior to being released in production. This, in addition to NetSuite’s service tiers, seamlessly provide an adaptable system to support and grow the processing and operational needs of a business, of any scale.

If you are interested in learning more about how implementing NetSuite can support your businesses expansion plans, or are an existing NetSuite user who would like to optimise your system to improve performance and ensure a scalable solution is in place, contact our NetSuite experts at We would love an opportunity to help you find the right solution to your pain points.

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